Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ramona Falls

Ramona Falls

Here is something a little different from my usual hikes up the Gorge. Ramona Falls is on the west face of Mt. Hood, underneath the Sandy Glacier. It is a bit of a drive to get their, but if the day is clear the scenery can be nice.
This trip turned out to be cool and cloudy (in the middle of July?) with not a sign of Mt. Hood anywhere to be seen. And when we made the turn off near Zig Zag and drove along the Sandy River for a ways I could see that the river was running much higher than usual for this time of year.
This is a popular hike and there can be 50 or 60 cars in the parking lot when you get to the trailhead. But it is a big lot and you will probably find a place. Don't forget to get your NW Forest Pass before you get there, they do check them and you can't get them anywhere near to the Trail Head.
The first part of the hike is nice and flat and winds its way up a very sparse forest (I suspect lava flow just under the service) and along next to the Sandy River. This part of the trail is just about getting to where the Sandy river crossing happens to be this year. They take the little bridge out every fall before the snow and floods and then put it back in again the next year. But it can move around a bit with the river channel.

After you cross the river, you hit a little rise and find yourself in the center of the Sandy River flood zone. If they day is clear, this is where you get really fantastic views of Mt. Hood. Take your pictures here. There is a lot more scenery to come, but this is the best view of Hood. (well, we will pass this same spot on the return loop, I guess you can wait till then).

What it looks like on a clear Day.

Now on the North side of the river, we hike up to the start of the 5 mile loop. I usually like to do the loop counter clockwise. This has you doing the shorter, steeper, section uphill. Gets it out of the way and lets you enjoy the slightly longer, but very green and pleasant downhill section. Of course, you could do the long nice section both ways.... if you were that kind of a person.


This section goes by the Sandy River and has many parts that are steep too on the right side sloping down 50 or 100 feet to the Sandy. Nothing scary, but it is still a ways down there. You will also be passing through a number of fir forests and a lot of Rhododendron.
We also saw some Scrophages. (?)

After a while you get to the junction of the PCT (Pacific Coast Trail). Hmm, a sign says that this part may not be hikable. But we are turning left and that is wide open. Just another half mile to hike from the Sandy river over to the Rawanda Creek valley. And there is the falls.
You can hear them before you get there.
Such a nice little micro climate. The tree's give shade and the falls put enough coldness into the air that it is always pleasant even on a hot summer day. Today it was dang chilly.


Looks like something you would see at a hotel in Vegas.

Chip love his Hiking Hammock

this guy is everywhere

Stop Slouching. Suck in the Gut. Who IS THIS GUY???

The rest of the hike is a pretty little creek valley. Lots of little falls and rapids. And then you get to follow this huge cliff way. Looks like a great place to rock climb, but since there is never anyone doing that, I am probably just WRONG.


The View from the Bridge


This creek is so lovely

You make a left turn just before the Muddy Branch of the Sandy and cut back across to where the loop started. Then down on across the river and back to the car. What a nice little hike.

On the way back, Hood peaked through for a moment.

There is Mt Hood. Chip is so Tall.

Don't forget to stop in the Town of Sandy for some dinner. Calamity Jane's is nice, especially if you like hamburgers the size of your head.

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