Saturday, May 17, 2014

RSS EMAIL test post


I am doing this post just because I can't seem to make the "Subscribe by email" link, over there on the right, work.

It is bugging me because all of the other bloggers say how critical it is to going bacterial that you have this RSS thing and that it works and that it is SO FRAKING EASY to do.

Just go here and click this. Enter a ?MAX here and edit this to &&&6F. Then copy from that to your feed burner site which you set up using *this magic link* unless you have the new blogger in which case this may be an old post and you should *try here instead*.


I am posting this because I need new content to appear to see if I get notification.

I will let you know.

UPDATE: email subscription updates appear to work now. This is a new "feed" so if you had subscribed before, that is gone and you would still need to sign up again. I don't get any email information about you, by the way. That all just goes to google, blogger, and feed burner.  And google already knows your email, so you don't have to worry about it.

Oh, dear NSA guys, if you are reading this and it was you that made the email subscriber thing work...... thanks.

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